Over 200 schools, academies and colleges are part of our network, independently choosing to join us. Why would they do that you might ask?

We hope its down to our approach, the impact we have, and the fact that VNET is very much ‘their’ network – we just support them to bind it all together!

Our Approach

Every school is unique – so the support they receive should be too. We do not have a one-size-fits-all package that members buy into like so many traditional education services. No two schools have the same level or type of support. Every school has something different to offer to other members of the network. So why would they buy the same thing?

Our approach is simple:

  1. A commitment to shaping a programme for every member school within the network, focussed on their specific needs;
  2. A commitment to a school-led approach to improvement, shared across our network;
  3. A commitment from everyone in the network to work in partnership and be both a giver and receiver of support.

Some of our network are judged Outstanding schools and are looking to innovate in new areas, push boundaries and take risks, while others need support to improve and get to a Good Ofsted grade. Some of the leaders of those network schools are new in post, some are highly experienced executive headteachers or leaders of multi-academy trusts. All our members need supporting in different ways.

We provide that support by working alongside the leadership teams and teaching staff in a school, academy, college or across a MAT – getting to know them, and understanding their context, their aims, their challenges, and where some support could deliver the most impact.

From their we draw on an experienced bank of educational associates, trusted partners and other leaders and teachers from across the network to deliver services targeted at a members needs. We involve members of the network in projects with other network schools. We often fund pilot projects for innovative approaches to teaching and learning, assessment and monitoring or classroom practice.

If we don’t have the experience in-house or from within the network, we seek it out from wherever we can find it – bringing high quality thought leaders into the network from across the country and further afield to help develop innovation and best practice across our network.

All of this work leads to real impact, and a cohesive community that is constantly evolving and pushing to improve the network.

Make sure you read more about the benefits of being a member, some of the other services we offer, or read about some of the members experiences in the Case Studies section to get a real flavour for how schools have benefitted from being part of our network – how the support they received was tailored to their needs, and where it has taken them next.

If any of this information about our network makes you like the sound of what we do – why don’t you arrange a time to have a chat about joining us?

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