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Twilight: Making CPD Effective

Wednesday 23 May 4-5.30pm, Notre Dame High School

We know that improving the quality of teaching in the classroom has the biggest impact on improving student outcomes. To do this, at a time of scarce resources, we need to improve the quality of the CPD which we produce to teachers. The Norwich Research School has been working with local leaders of CPD this year to increase the impact of their CPD. We’ve drawn together evidence from the EEF Toolkit, School’s Guide to Implementation and DIY Evaluation Guide; the Teach Development Trust; and the Behaviour Insights Team for this work. We’ve collated Case Studies of effective CPD from around the UK, for both Primary and Secondary schools of a range of sizes, to marry with the needs of local schools.

Roger Higgins, Director of the Norwich Research School, has led our work in this area, at the same time as leading on Notre Dame High School’s own CPD model. In this twilight, Roger will summarise the evidence, and give senior leaders a range of evidence-based ideas that they can apply to their school CPD models.

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Twilight: Early Years

Monday 11 June 4-5.30pm, Notre Dame High School
The EEF works with teachers and researchers to turn important messages from research into applicable, useable strategies. The Early Years toolkit is an accessible summary of educational research from early years teaching. Norwich Research School is working closely with Early Years specialists from West Earlham Infant and Nursery School and Bignold Primary School to produce actionable, practical approaches for Early Years teachers, based on research and evidence from Early Years settings.

In this twilight, we will summarise the evidence, and give practitioners and leaders a range of evidence-based ideas that they can implement immediately.

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Twilight: Secondary Science
Wednesday 27 June 4-5.30pm, Notre Dame High School
The EEF Science Guidance report is due out in June this year. Our Network Research lead, Dr Niki Kaiser, has been working with the expert panel to guide the research priorities. Niki is a Science teacher with over 11 years teaching experience and 7 years in Science Research before this, and has worked with the EEF team to produce a report that will help Science teachers implement effective approaches within the classroom. Niki is an elected member of the Royal Society of Chemistry Education Division Council, serves on the committee formed by the Wellcome Trust, Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Royal Society to review proposals for research supporting good practical science. An experienced speaker, Niki has presented at a range of events, including the RSC Secondary and Further Education Conference; RSC Teacher Celebration Event; ASE Conference (on behalf of the Gatsby Foundation); and ResearchEd National Conference. She also chaired a recent Royal Society of Chemistry webinar on Cognitive Science research in Chemistry.

In this twilight, Niki will summarise the evidence, and give classroom teachers and leaders a range of evidence-based ideas that they can use immediately.

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