The latest termly School Inspection Update (a briefing for inspectors) has been released today, and is a really useful read for Leaders and Governors, especially those expecting inspection in the coming few weeks or months.

The full document is available to download from the DfE website, and this issue covers:

  • Further updates about the new short inspection process;
  • A recent publication update;
  • Information about key stage 1 prior attainment;
  • Feedback from the new data analyst helpdesk service;
  • Clarification about the use at inspection of attainment of past pupils;
  • Information on the inspection data summary report (IDSR) releases;
  • Guidance on the appointment of newly qualified teachers in special measures maintained schools;
  • guidance on schools requesting inspectors to sign declarations.

Previous termly versions of the update provided by Ofsted’s National Director are also available on the DfE website.