We were delighted to have a full house at our Developing the Whole Child Conference on Friday, 200 senior leaders, teachers and SENDCOs. Our keynote Chris Lubbe received a standing ovation and his inspiring story moved the audience to tears. It was a great reminder of the role that education plays in upholding values of democracy and inclusion. Pran Patel had us all thinking about the prejudices we carry around with us albeit unintentionally and his energetic approach sustain the audience at the end of a demanding day! This is some of the very positive feedback from our members, can’t wait for the next one!

“This was the most inspirational INSET I have ever attended. The quality of the keynote speakers was outstanding. As a direct result of attending this conference I will be developing a new mental health scheme of work for my schools.  I will also be recommending that our school becomes a school of sanctuary.”

“It was an inspirational day and a great opportunity to know that there are wheels in motion to get support for the children in our schools. Chris Lubbe’s presentation was incredible and has inspired me as a teacher in so many ways.”

“It was fantastic to make links with other professionals and to spend time considering what the current picture is and what we can do to mitigate the difficulties that are part of the system in a solution-focused way.”
“Chris Lubbe was truly inspirational and I was moved to tears. It has changed my thinking and also made me celebrate my role and the privilege I have even more than I do.”
“The range of topic discussed and the personalised feel of the conference. The topics, were very thought provoking but came from the individuals’ own experiences giving the whole conference more impact.”