It’s a record! We have over 180 professionals on the five communities! Teachers, headteachers, subject leaders and subject specialists all getting together to share knowledge and practice. Over the last few weeks Maths, English, Science and Early Years have kicked off their 2019/20 journeys with Curriculum following next week.

This year we are also delighted to have two of the communities sponsored, with the National Centre for Writing sponsoring the English Professional Community and Norwich Research Park sponsoring the Science Professional Community.

The English community met at the Great Hall in Dragon Hall on King Street. It really is a fantastic venue and the English community were inspired by their surroundings. The National Centre for Writing have a lot to offer our school community. If you want to find out more about their programme you can sign up for their schools newsletter, follow the link on our English Professional Community page. Click here!

With over 3000 scientists working at the Research Park there is no better venue for the science community, Dr Kirsty Culley their Science Engagement Manager is on hand to build relationships with schools. Again you can contact her through our Science Professional Community page. Click here! 

As well as the professional communities we also convene several forums. The first Governor Forum of the year will take place on October 29. We are going to share and discuss School Development and Improvement plans. All governors welcome, click here for more information!