Our January conference which we are hosting with the Norwich Research School and Evidence Based Education (EBE) will be soon upon us! If you haven’t booked tickets, the deadline is November 30th, for more info and to book click here.

The conference is entitled ‘Leading Change – a manifesto for evidence based education.’ But what do we mean by evidence based education? In the simplest terms, it is an approach which argues that, “policy and practice should be capable of being justified in terms of sound evidence about their likely effects.” In an excellent article on their website EBE highlight the following elements as those whichdefine an evidence based approach:

  • Understanding the evidence
  • Testing the why
  • Being critical
  • Prioritising evaluation
  • Local, formative monitoring
  • Changing with the evidence
  • Understanding methodology

At our conference we will explore these areas in more detail and look specifically at what evidence-informed practice might mean in your setting?  How you make decisions about what works, what to prioritise and how to implement it?

Essential reading… if you haven’t read the EBE manifesto, you should! To download ‘The (new) Manifesto for Evidence-Based Education’ please visit this link.