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Coach for School Improvement Website Launch and VNET Member Offer

Want to know more about coaching?

“I experienced moments of sudden realisation that the way I was doing things was not working: I had to shift my thinking. I identified the effective long -lasting change I desired”. Headteacher 2017

Want to develop the coaching skills of some of your staff?

Want to distribute leadership?

Want to develop your own in-house coaching team? 

Want transformative, not transactional change?

Coach for School Improvement, led by Mary-Jo Hill (VNET Associate), has developed an innovative online programme, which strives to support teachers and wider educational professionals by providing expert and practical coaching – which in turn can enhance energy, confidence and job satisfaction.

Subscribers to the programme will learn about what coaching is and its benefits; be able to access downloads and think pieces to enable them to develop their own coaching skills; and practise these skills with other subscribed members via the Coaching Network, either by receiving coaching from like-minded colleagues or by giving it.

VNET members get a 10 % discount: £450 per year, rather than the £500 standard rate.

For more information, please visit

Many VNET leaders have worked alongside Mary-Jo over the past few years and have achieved great results and given wonderful feedback. We hope this resource is a successful one for Mary-Jo, and a timely and useful one for VNET Members.

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