The Personal Development Professional community will be scheduled across the second half of the academic year 19/20.  The group will be facilitated and supported by Sonia Innes, VNET Principal Consultant and Julie Westrop, VNET Associate and founder of Cafés for All.  Julie is a highly accomplished, engaging and inspiring trainer who has facilitated many hundreds of training sessions and been a regular speaker at numerous national events.

The Purpose of the Group

Across the four sessions, members of the Personal Development Professional Community will be provided with the latest educational research, resources and case-studies to support the review and implementation of personal development opportunities within their own school curriculum. Sessions will be aligned to the expectations of the new Ofsted Framework (September 2019).

Guest speakers will be invited to share their expertise with members of the community.

There will also be opportunities for group members to network with other colleagues and share resources. Members of the community will also be provided with presentations and resources to share with colleagues in school.

Each session will focus on an important aspect of Personal Development. Sessions will focus on:

  • Developing a curriculum for personal development which matches the needs of the children in your school
  • Key areas of Personal Development:
    • Citizenship
    • British Values
    • Equality of Opportunity
    • Character Development
    • SRE
    • Personal Qualities
    • Inclusivity
    • Careers and readiness for the next phase of learning
  • Ensuring connectedness across the curriculum
  • Monitoring progression and demonstrating impact across these areas


  • Wednesday 12 February 2020
  •  Tuesday 24 March 2020
  •  Thursday 21 May 2020
  •  Thursday 25 June 2020

1.30-4pm, coffee/tea from 1pm


 The VNET Professional Development Professional Community is sponsored by

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