Angel Solutions Ltd. provides schools, federations, trusts, partnerships, diocese and LAs with online applications to help leaders and teachers implement effective and time efficient processes. Their main school and trust systems are ‘Perspective’ and ‘Perspective Observatory’, ‘Balance’ and ‘Balance Together’:

Perspective is used by school leaders to save time analysing teaching and learning monitoring, encourage greater staff ownership of appraisal/school targets and make collecting key stakeholder information quicker and easier.

Perspective Observatory is used by leaders of multiple schools to easily aggregate the information gathered in Perspective. You can quickly review the status and progress of the schools for which you are responsible and collect data centrally.

Balance supports principled, formative assessment. It is used by teachers to help plan next steps of learning, encouraging depth of understanding for all pupils. For school leaders, Balance produces a matrix of progress which reflects exactly what happens in your classrooms without using levels, best-fit banding or arbitrary grouping. Balance is unique in that it gives the school the power to define rates of progress which is personal to the pupils you teach. No other progress tracking system does this.

Balance Together is brand new for 2017-18. It aggregates assessment information from Balance to provide a trust SLT with a simple but effective overview of whether year groups across the trust are on track to make age related expectations, where gaps may be forming for ‘vulnerable groups’ and to help pinpoint which schools may need support or early intervention to help drive progress.

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