In addition to our core offer to members we respond to our membership’s changing priorities with a variety of services and support packages.

We are always looking to develop new offers and partnerships that will lead to greater innovation across our network, or develop services that have been identified as a gap in the market by our members.

During the Autumn Term 2018, VNET was asked to develop a Headteacher Performance Management Package for member schools who wanted a fresh approach to that annual process. After completing a successful pilot with over thirty schools, we have been asked to open the package to all schools who
wish to opt into it.

Coupled with this has been the request for a distinct package of challenge and support aimed squarely at leaders in schools which would act as a replacement for the role which SIPs often filled – professional dialogue for Headteachers about their specific context, plans and priorities. We are pleased to be able to offer this package to member schools wishing to access a year-long programme of support from September 2019.

We are pleased to be extending these optional additional support services to our members in 2019/20

Headteacher Performance Management Package

The package includes training for governors, provision of all required documentation and resources, external counsel through the performance management meeting and a feedback report covering suggested targets.

£500 +VAT

External Challenge and Support Package for Headteachers

This is a structured programme to help Headteachers plan their priorities and review and evaluate their school effectiveness at regular intervals over the academic year. The visits are structured as follows:

Visit 1 (Autumn Term)

Review pupil outcomes and agree targets, identify key School Improvement and Development Priorities (SDIP)
for the year, agree a judgement on the Quality of Education, feedback to governors.

Visit 2 (Spring Term)

Review evidence and evaluate impact of the SIDP, update the SEF and agree judgements.

Visit 3 (Summer Term)

Learning walk and evaluation to evidence progress of SIDP and feedback to governors.

£1750 +VAT

PLEASE NOTE: Both of the services above can be purchased as a combined support package for a further saving.
£2150 +VAT

Please note these offers are only open to schools or federations who have a VNET membership.

Bespoke Consultancy and Projects

Members of our network and some of our strategic partners often ask us to create bespoke consultancy packages or support specific projects which we are always happy to discuss. Our core and associate teams have a huge wealth and breadth of experience supporting small to large scale projects and programmes of targeted work.