Six sessions will be scheduled across the academic year, starting with a launch on Monday 16 September 2019.  The group will be facilitated by Becky Crabtree (VNET Associate).

The Purpose of the Group, 2018-19

During the year, each session focused on an area of interest identified by the professional community. The group shared good practice and gave chance for teachers to network with one another.  As a result of these sessions, subject leaders were provided with a bank of strategies and presentations to support: mathematics manipulatives, monitoring and assessment, mathematics cafes, maths meetings, book scrutinies and calculation strategies to take back and share with their colleagues at school.

What’s new for 2019-20

This group will continue to share best practice and be driven by what the subject leaders want. There will be a focus on effective subject leadership for new and experienced leaders and a strong focus on the new Ofsted Framework (September 2019) and other updates regarding EYFS, multiplication check, and other forms of assessment.

This year, sessions will ‘drill down’ into discrete areas of mathematics and subject leadership in more detail. Three of the sessions will be led by the VNET Associate, and the other three sessions will be an opportunity for subject leaders to work in small groups on an aspect of mathematics.

These groups may be key stage specific. The theme of these group sessions will be driven by requests from the Mathematics Community. These smaller sessions will take place in members’ schools.

The sessions led by the VNET associate will also include a focus on: effective subject leadership for new and experienced leaders and a strong focus on the new Ofsted Framework, updates from the wider mathematics communities and curriculum design.

There will also be opportunities to improve outcomes, engagement and enjoyment of all aspects of mathematics in the primary phase.



  • Monday 16th September
  • Thursday 7th November
  • Thursday 30th January
  • Thursday 26th March
  • Thursday 14th May
  • Wednesday 24th June

All meetings 1.30 – 4.00 pm,  coffee/tea at 1pm


South Green Park Enterprise Centre
NR 20 3JY
Free parking!