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Our network members’ priorities are always changing year on year, day by day – so as an organisation we have to make sure that we adapt as well.

We are always looking to develop new partnerships that will lead to greater innovation across our network, or develop services that have been identified as a gap in the market by our members.

As we operate as a non-profit organisation, we can sometimes consider projects that profit based organisations may be loathe to commit to – as long as they cover our costs and do not destabilise our core work.

We currently deliver projects and consultancy work for – or in partnership with – other agencies into schools within and outside our network where we have the expertise and knowledge to make a difference.

We are often approached by organisations who are looking to deliver an educational project or a specific outcome, and they need the strength of our network to do so, or relationships with schools to broker the arrangements.

We have significant experience in bid writing and delivery, partnership development and brokerage, and can call upon our associates, partners and other organisation we work with to centralise skillsets required for large or small project delivery.

We are also happy – where capacity allows – to provide one-off training courses, workshops and consultancy for non-member schools.

Most of all, we are happy to discuss any project, consultancy, bid or partnership work if you would like to get in touch with us.

If you have something in mind, please fill in the form below and give us as much detail as you can.