Membership Benefits

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Membership of VNET brings with it a host of benefits for your school, with the exact support you receive tailored to your needs.

There really is something for everyone across your school community when you become a member of the network Рheadteachers, senior leaders, middle leaders, subject leaders, teachers, governors, administrators, teaching assistants and of course pupils

We have members from every phase of education, and associates who have practical experience in each phase, ensuring that there will be opportunities for you to work alongside other schools, colleagues and professionals who understand your context, challenges, and can work with you on projects and programmes.

Our most popular membership is called Better To Best, which carries forward the legacy of the exceptionally successful approach to school improvement that saw dramatic results in Norfolk between 2013 and 2017. Individual schools through to whole MATs subscribe to this membership package. Our memberships run for an academic year, or if you join after September, through to the end of the summer term.

Better To Best Annual Membership

There are lots of reasons why you should consider subscribing:

  • Access to a wide and dynamic range of people and resources to support your school improvement priorities
  • In school and external consultancy, training and support sessions focussed directly on your needs
  • A centralised brokering and commissioning service which points you to ‘best of breed’ school improvement services
  • Involvement in school to school support – a network in which every school is both a giver and receiver of support
  • A challenging push from behind when required; followed up with practical suggestions and on-going support
  • An opportunity to work with national and international educational programmes and projects alongside other members
  • A quick response if a problem arises in your school, with help from across the network
  • Access to digital content, guidance and documentation from VNET and from our partners at TheSchoolBus
  • Discounted rates at numerous conferences, workshops and training events operated by our partners and other educational organisations
  • Access to excellent offers and deals on products and services from our partners to ensure that you get even more value for money
  • A quality assurance framework which evaluates the impact of services, resources and projects prior to delivering or promoting them to you
  • A wealth of opportunities for you and your team to share good ideas and take part in joint practice development and networks
  • A sense of being in a ‘club’, in which members have a shared ambition for children and young people, and where they work in real partnership
  • A part in shaping VNET, and chance to shape and contribute to the development of new school improvement services in East Anglia and beyond
  • An opportunity for your school to shine and be recognised for its improvements and achievements, locally and nationally

You can see why we have over 200 member schools and why 98% rated Better To Best membership as being good value for money in January 2017!

Bespoke Arrangements

Sometimes schools, federations, partnerships or MATs want to take advantage of the Better To Best package, but they also want a little bit more – a specific project, some extra time from our team to work with them in school, help with a funding bid, assistance after an Ofsted inspection. In these cases, we can tailor a package that fits the bill entirely, and can still gives the school access to the benefits outlined above.

Whatever your context, whether you are a small school with fewer than 50 pupils or a MAT with several thousand, we are happy to talk to you about how you would benefit from joining us.

Why don’t you arrange a time to have a chat about what membership might look like for you?

Just fill in the form below and we will get back to you to arrange a good time, or feel free to call us on 01362 857160