“I think this course would be useful for everyone who works in education, no matter how confident they think they are with their presentation skills” – Headteacher

It was great to be joined by Sophie Bevan yesterday as she delivered an excellent course on presentation here at Mattishall. Having worked as professional actor in TV and theatre for many years she understands that pressure can really affect our ability to get what we want out of our communications! She has worked with hundreds of schools and business leaders on developing tools and techniques to really help people feel comfortable in the spotlight.

We ran the course as a pilot and the feedback has been great so we will bring the course back to Norfolk schools. The course included being filmed and watching yourself back, very challenging for some of the group! Here is a sample of the frank feedback!

“I hated it initially, but it was SO beneficial and will support my practice.”

“Excellent presenter, a supportive critical eye.”

“Whilst uncomfortable…really powerful.”

“Really positive, made us safe and comfortable to share.”

The half-day session included:

  • Marabian theory on communication. ‘It’s not what you say but how you say it’ Importance of body language and tone as this can effect how our words are heard
  • What engaging energy looks like when we are communicating under pressure
  • Introducing a content structure that helps our messages land with impact and are memorable
  • Practise bridging the ‘perception gap’, how we come across and how we think we come across
  • Authenticity, key to getting our messages heard
  • Interview techniques, making your answers memorable and persuasive.

Please email nania.poulson@viscountnelson.net if you wish to join the waiting list for the next course.