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This seminar for school leaders and governors will explore the current context of leadership resilience and our own capacity for resilience and how to develop it, both in ourselves and in our organisations.

This session will be held on Tuesday 29 January 2019, 08.30 for 09.00 – 4.00, South Green Park Enterprise Centre, Mattishall, NR20 3JY.

The session will be led by Jolyon Morris, who is an organisational consultant based in London.  He works with a range of organisations, including those in the education sector, on providing leadership and management consultancy on a range of different topics. A number of VNET schools have attended Jolyon’s seminars this year and appreciated his insight, experience and different perspective on leadership development for Norfolk.

Session brief:

Effective leadership and management require physical and psychological resilience on the part of those involved. There are many reasons for this not least the simple fact of the high levels of uncertainty that characterise leadership and management roles. We
could argue that the need for resilience has become greater due to the resourcing pressures on the public sector.

Our personal resilience is linked with the resilience of our organisations. Schools are complex organisations with many dimensions and moving parts that can go wrong or behave in unexpected ways. When our organisations become less reliable, our personal resilience can be put under stress. The research on High Reliability Organisations can help us to design our organisations to be more reliable and resilient.

In terms of our personal resilience, the popular approach to resilience is often based on the positive psychology movement and the mass of self-help books demonstrates the attractiveness of this approach which advocates ‘bouncing back from adversity’,
‘developing grit’ and so forth. However, we could argue that one of the key elements of developing our own resilience is to be wise the risks to our resilience and seek to manage those well.

This workshop aims to explore the current context of leadership resilience, the key dimensions of resilience we need to be aware of, and to provoke thinking and exploration about our own capacity for resilience and how to develop it, both in ourselves and in our organisations. It will look at:

  • High Reliability Organisations – the conceptual framework
  • Why high reliability matters
  • Characteristics of ‘High Reliability Organisations’
  • Audit – Is your school a highly reliable organisation?
  • What is Resilience and why it matters in our work and life [especially now]?
  • Risk & resilience
  • Dimensions of resilience
  • Reflections on our resilience and how to improve resilience

The session is suitable for headteachers, CEOs, governors and trustees.

Twenty places are available to members only – first come, first served.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided. The cost is £125 + VAT per delegate.

To request a place or places, please fill in the form below. You will then receive an email confirming the request, and a further reply if the request was successful:

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