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Jakob Werdelin is a Danish teacher and teacher trainer specialising in Cooperative Learning. He immigrated to Norwich and opened Werdelin Education in 2013.

Since then he has brought Cooperative Learning to teacher training schools, colleges, trusts, state schools and universities in Norfolk and across the UK. Test results since then have vindicated the Sutton Trust findings that collaborative strategies are the most cost-effective investment of Pupil Premium, bar none.

Measurable outcomes aside, Jakob looks at education in the widest possible perspective, and his training deliberately integrates character building, identity formation, civic responsibility, language, thinking and social skills with subject content.

He has presented on these topics a number of institutions, including the inaugural BRAIS conference at Edinburgh University and the EIC in London in 2014, UK Forum for International Education and Training in 2015 at Oxford University (by proxy), University of East Anglia and the annual conference of Association of Science Education in Birmingham in 2016.

Jakob is currently co-writing a book with deputy head Andrew Howard on how six hours of Cooperative Learning CPD transformed Stalham Academy from 17 years of underachievement to the top-500 range of schools in the UK.

Jakob blogs about Cooperative Learning at cooperativelearning.works, where interested parties will also find links to a number of his research papers.

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