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TheSchoolBus provides authentic, innovative solutions to the everyday problems facing school leaders. The current education climate, ever-changing legislation and guidance, alongside increasing workload leaves leaders with little time to spare. TheSchoolBus crafts model documents that are current, compliant and comprehensive, producing in-depth and actionable guidance, easing the burden on school leaders by saving them valuable time.

Accurate, up-to-date resources are at the heart of what we do. We are powered by a team of specialist researchers and expert editors, handling queries from users on a daily basis, ensuring we offer just this in every piece of work that we produce. A five-stage peer review process, alongside comprehensive and fully referenced solutions, results in high-quality resources which decision-makers can trust.

Each of our model policies is created in-house and carefully crafted to reflect DfE guidance, legislative requirements and good practice protocols. Hundreds of tailor-made, model policies are available on TheSchoolBus – equipping school leaders with a dependable foundation upon which to create their school-specific policy.

Providing up-to-the-minute information is essential for allowing school leaders to make important decisions. TheSchoolBus’ ‘Need Further Help?’ service allows master users to submit questions and request custom-made resources. Whether the user requires a policy, template or presentation, or just simply wants to ask a question, we can create a resource to satisfy even the discerning. With a three-working-day turnaround, we deliver quality assured answers and resources straight to the user’s inbox.

TheSchoolBus reacts to the news, bringing its customers up-to-the-minute stories, as well as driving content to reflect current affairs. Rather than just save time for school leaders, TheSchoolBus wants to inform; Information is power, and this, coupled with treasured time-saving solutions, produces invaluable resources.

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