Our Mission

Our Mission 2017-09-08T13:15:07+00:00

Viscount Nelson Education Network CIC (VNET) is a non-profit Community Interest Company dedicated to improving life chances for children and young people across East Anglia and beyond. As an organisation we have two main aims:

Strong Network

To develop a strong network of schools, academies and other settings, supported and supporting one another to improve through targeted activities with educational leaders, high quality personnel and partners, where the whole network is stronger than the individual and everyone is focussed on improving provision and outcomes for children and young people.

Responsive Organisation

To be an organisation which is responsive to the needs of the network it supports and the educational marketplace, remaining centrally small, agile and cost effective whilst drawing on national and international expertise to improve the delivery of services and measurable impact.

All of the work of our core team, associates and the partners we engage to work with us are dedicated to achieving those two aims on behalf of the schools that form our network.