VNET is an independent, non-profit, community interest membership organisation that supports school-led improvement across Norfolk

A Membership Network

VNET is a membership organisation, and members tell us they most value a tailored package of support for schools’ individual needs, a strong sense of community and collaboration, and exceptional value for money at a time of unprecedented budgetary constraint.


Excellent Outcomes for Children

The work we do across our member schools is focussed on delivering the best outcomes for children. Each member school has a bespoke programme of support, challenge and external validation to support their specific requirements and the needs of their children.


Conference – The Whole Child

Join us for an inspiring day on Friday 8 November which will provide strategies to support children to embrace diversity and equality with an emphasis on mental health and wellbeing. Every member school/federation has two free places at the conference!

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A graphic record of the VNET Summer conference 2019.
(Thanks to Rebecca Osborne

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